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The Power to Pioneer

Text Messaging

2 min read

Enhancing Customer Intelligence: Connecting with Your Customers via WhatsApp Surveys

In the ever-evolving world of technology, new and exciting avenues emerge for businesses to gather valuable insights through the Voice of the...

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Women in the Tech Industry

8 min read

Celebrating Women In Tech

In a world where software development and SaaS have traditionally been perceived as male-dominated industries, we are determined to reshape the...

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Team of people working happily together

3 min read

Developing and Sustaining a Successful Employee Engagement Plan

Providing a premium customer experience is only possible when delivered by an engaged, client-centric workforce. According to Kevin Kruse (CEO of...

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Richard Branson

3 min read

Screw it, Lets do it

Customer Experience lessons from Virgin Group

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Contact centre staff making a heart shape

2 min read

What’s your customer care strategy? Follow Mr Lawn’s example!

Every business should have a customer care strategy. Surprisingly, most of the businesses we encounter don’t. When problems or complaints arise, as...

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The battle of customer experience

2 min read

Customer satisfaction wars

Customer satisfaction has become absolutely essential in achieving business objectives as it provides a metric against which to measure and improve...

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