Our business is built by great people, like you.

As a Smoke CI employee, you will be part of a company whose mission is clear—to enable organ(isations and people all over the world to reach greater heights. Are you ready to join the CX revolution?

Why Work With Us?

We are more than co-workers - we are a professional team. This also means that our employees are unique, bringing diverse insights and experiences together. We have honour and conduct our business to the highest possible standards. We continuously hone our individual crafts so that we show up every day better than we were yesterday.


Don't be stuck in an office all week. We enjoy a hybrid work model, offering greater work-life balance.

Extra Downtime

You'll enjoy 15 annual leave days PLUS a special gift: leave during our December shutdown!

Life Policy

Fully funded group life policy, which includes funeral cover and death and disability cover.  


We believe in growing our people. Gain access to personal and professional development and training programmes. 

Social Events

Staff-managed social committee, responsible for company social events and gatherings.


We live by our Mantras! Employee engagement and values-based culture.  

Our Product

So what exactly is Eyerys? We’re glad you asked. First: Eyerys is pronounced “iris” as in your “inner eye”.

Second, is that this award-winning software platform is the result of our incredible team of developer’s hard work. It is the application that facilitates all of our analytics and survey systems. It asks our customer's end-users and staff how well they're doing on just about every CMS system, social media, webpage and telephony platform you can think of and uses that data to help guide our customer's businesses through strategic, data-driven decision-making. 



Our Work Methods:


We make use of an agile-based work environment, planning tasks and quarters as sprints managed by our talented team of scrum masters and leadership. 



Our stack includes, but is certainly not limited to: 
Development: Go, Kafka, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, TypeScript, AWS.  

DevOps: Ansible, BitBucket, Docker, Selenium, SnoraQube. 

Business: Confluence, JIRA, Microsoft Teams. 


Employee Engagement Programme: 

We believe that engaged employees do great things, not only for us, but our customers and themselves. We therefore actively run pulse surveys to monitor employee well-being and interactions, peer-to-peer recognition programmes, KPI and 360° feedback sessions to keep deliverables clear and expectations transparent. 


Our Mantras

We have seven reaffirming mantras that allow us to complete every venture and task with focus, strength and success.

Our interactions, products and services are powered by simplicity, ease and effortlessness.

We confront unnecessary difficulty.

Where there is complexity, we create ease.

Our distinct personalities are lauded – we confidently relish being exactly who we are.

We are dedicated to forging an exciting, resilient culture with fun as its core.

We celebrate fiercely our joint and individual success with genuine passion.

Our ingenuity and initiative are the source of our vigorous growth and development.

We are responsible for the results of our work and accountable for our impact on the rest of the team.

We are independent, resourceful individuals who own our work with the highest integrity.

Our ideas are creative, unconventional and always worth stating.

We collaboratively decide on the best solutions.

We produce concepts ready to receive feedback and accept debate
around them.

Our collective, insatiable appetite is for outright success.

We strive to be the undisputed best in every possible way.

We compete to win.

We act with integrity and continuously strive to do the right thing.

We are transparent, honest and ethical in all of our interactions.

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics.

Our professional unit is the best of the best; a top-seed team of all-stars who will never accept being benchwarmers.

We hire smartly, empower to be the
best and cut members who are no longer aligned.

We are an unrivalled combination of Olympians who push ourselves and challenge each other to aim beyond the gold – we write the record books.

We are synchronised as the perfect force. The are no singular heroes here – in our pack, everyone is a hero.