Trust Centre

We take the trust you have in us seriously. Read more about our approach to security, infrastructure, and procedures as well as information regarding our Security, Hosting, Resiliency, and Legal standpoints.

Environment and Application Infrastructure

Our hosted environments are configured in a tiered structure behind firewalls and intrusion prevention solutions in order to provide security to you and your users.

Clients have ownership of their data and tools, allowing them to manage user access, data capture, and data retention.

Smoke Customer Intelligence takes every precaution to manage and secure the environment, while our clients maintain access control and security for end users. We use leading datacentres and providers to ensure a secure, reliable, and positive experience for our clients.

We endeavour to host our clients within the region or country in which they are resident. Where this is not possible, we ensure that the hosting provider is located in a country with sufficient data protection and security requirements.

Our primary hosting region is in South Africa. For our global clients we will, where possible, host in-country with Amazon Web Services.

Our main support offices are based in South Africa and offer an 08:00 to 17:00 SAST weekday service, bolstered by a standby service after hours and on weekends. We provide limited support during business hours in time zones outside of South Africa (GMT +2).


Compliance Certification

Our compliance is your peace of mind.


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From physical security & access control to encryption & authentication, we take the security of our systems, client data, and employees seriously, consistently implementing new means to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

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Hosting & Data

We only host with the most reputable global providers in order to ensure the safety, stability, and uptime of our infrastructure. Any and all changes to servers or infrastructure follow strictly controlled processes.

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Uptime Assurance

We provide a highly robust and resilient data environment for our clients. Our controls ensure that, should something go wrong, we are in an excellent position to recover quickly, with minimal disruption to operations.

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Policy Compliance

We endeavour to implement the policies and procedures that ensure compliance with all necessary legislation. We strive to ensure the privacy, data protection and fair treatment of your business and your clients.

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