We Believe People That Matter

At the core of what we do is a simple belief: people matter. We're all about bringing together what your customers and employees have to say, using their insights to spark innovation and grow your business. Our Eyerys platform makes it easy for you to improve Customer Experiences (CX), giving you the tools to make big changes without the fuss.

Our Offices

We are a Leading CX and VOC company based in South Africa. Our global presence is anchored in the vibrant cities of New York, London, and Johannesburg. See more about each of these locations by selecting one of our locations below.


Top Floor, Ash House, Olivedale Office Park,
Corner Olive Street and Lima Road,

+27 11 462 9881


New York

211 East 43rd Street,
New York,
New York,

+1 212 901 5303



Unit 5 Drakes Courtyard,
291 Kilburn High Road,

+27 11 462 9881


Meet Our Managing Committee (MANCO)

Get to know the individuals behind our triumphs. Each member of MANCO brings a unique blend of expertise, vision and leadership that not only steers us towards excellence but fosters an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive.


Andrew Cook

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Andrew approaches his role with a singular, unwavering passion: to elevate customer service to its highest pedestal. For him, it's more than just a mission; it's an obsession. He champions the philosophy that every customer, regardless of the currency they trade in – be it Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rands, or Yen – deserves to receive service that honours their investment of time and money. With a keen focus on bridging the gap between companies and their customers, Andrew dedicates himself to refining the customer feedback loop. His expertise lies in leveraging this valuable feedback to streamline business processes, ensuring that both large and small organisations can achieve operational excellence. Andrew's commitment ensures that every customer interaction is not just a transaction, but a step towards building a better, more responsive business.


Grant Ansell

Chief Executive Officer

Grant’s vision is for SmokeCI to lead by example in providing exceptional customer service, through an engaged team of professionals, which he believes both go hand in hand with being a high-performing business.

Grant believes that by gaining a deep understanding of clients’ unique needs and operations, solutions can be crafted to not only achieve but surpass client goals and expectations. Under his leadership, SmokeCI aims to shift how businesses connect with their customers and employees, to transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences.


Werner Visagie

GM Finance

Werner is a staunch advocate for the empowering force of knowledge in the financial sector. With his profound belief that understanding leads to excellence, he is dedicated to merging Customer Experience metrics with financial data. This integration provides finance professionals with pivotal insights into customer behaviours and their subsequent effects on revenue streams. His strategic vision is focused on enhancing financial planning and fostering informed, comprehensive business decisions. Werner is committed to fine-tuning Smoke CI's financial health, maximising value for both our employees and shareholders. His leadership ensures that we not only sustain but also grow our ability to offer clients cost-effective solutions that deliver tangible benefits and drive real business value.


Sarah Lubbe

Head of Customer Success and Marketing

Sarah, our Head of Customer and Marketing, is a seasoned expert in the realms of marketing and sales. Her fervour lies in empowering companies to truly hear their customers, transforming feedback into actionable data that drives value and makes logical sense. With a deft hand, she orchestrates a symphony of various disciplines, creating integrated solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients and channel partners.Her strategic approach is centred on leveraging Customer Experience feedback to provide the deep insights our clients require to enhance their businesses. Sarah's leadership ensures that every piece of customer feedback is a stepping stone towards building stronger, more customer-focused enterprises.


Ruan Prinsloo

Head of Technical Operations

Ruan stands as the paragon of IT support and BI, embodying the very qualities that every manager seeks in a team member. His impeccable self-management and discipline mean that follow-ups are a thing of the past; tasks are not just completed, but done so with a punctuality and precision that speak volumes of his attention to detail. His adeptness at juggling multiple tasks while maintaining an unwavering focus is truly remarkable, ensuring that every project milestone is met with success.Ruan's problem-solving capabilities are extraordinary, always one step ahead in identifying and navigating through potential challenges. His readiness to lend a hand and his overall amiable nature make him not just a fantastic team player, but also a delightful presence in the workplace. Ruan is not just a dream team member; he's the benchmark for professional excellence.

Rob Shelton

Rob Shelton

Enterprise Sales Manager

Rob is a dynamic professional whose passion lies in unlocking the transformative power of customer feedback. He thrives on guiding businesses to unearth, comprehend, and disseminate intelligent insights that are ripe with actionable potential. His daily pursuit is to create substantial value for clients worldwide, meticulously aligning their needs with our suite of offerings.

At the heart of Rob's ethos is the cultivation of enduring relationships with clients and partners alike. He views these relationships not merely as connections but as the foundational pillars of his approach. Rob's commitment to fostering these bonds is matched only by his dedication to delivering excellence and innovation in every solution he crafts.

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