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Passionate about making the world more customer-centric

At Smoke Customer Intelligence we live and breathe the Power to Pioneer

A more valuable, easier way for businesses to become customer-centric is by listening to their customers. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help our clients achieve it. We focus on continuous technology improvement, best-in-class customer experience solutions, and innovations that enable our clients to find and achieve potentially game-changing visions.


Our Journey

  • Our origins

    The last straw of a bad customer experience catapulted Andrew Cook from his promising career as an accountant into the field of customer experience management. He had a choice: become another disgruntled customer or do something to change the way businesses engage with their customers. Andrew directed his energy into making it easier for customers to be heard and for businesses to take action. With some hard work, clever programming and an entrepreneurial spirit, Smoke Customer Intelligence was founded.

    Andrew Cook



  • Early growth

    The Smoke CI team was formed in 2007 and the first steps were taken to develop a post-call interactive voice response (IVR) survey solution. This software is now known as Eyerys, and it enables companies to continuously monitor service levels delivered in call centres, in the retail environment, online, and every other customer touchpoint. From software to soft skills, we now combine innovative technological solutions with advisory services so that companies are able to broaden and develop their customer experience strategies.

    Early Growth



  • To infinity and beyond

    With Voice of the Customer being more important than ever, in 2018 we made a bold decision to expand our offering beyond South Africa. This added international focus means we can now serve clients across the globe. We continue to innovate the functionality of our core product, Eyerys, working every day to make it better and easier to use so that it continues to be the best tool for understanding the Voice of the Customer. Did we mention we’re also hiring?


Why does Smoke CI exist?

"Customer experience is the new battleground. At Smoke Customer Intelligence we know the art of this new war. We have the tools, the technology and the strategies to relentlessly create victories for our clients as we build a more customer-centric world, one brand at a time".

Andrew Cook

Founder & CEO

Meet the team



Great customer service is my mission in life. In fact, it’s more than a mission, it’s an obsession. I believe that every customer, who spends their hard-earned Dollars/Pounds/Euros/Rands/Yen, should be treated in a way that is deserving of their time and money.

I focus on connecting companies with their customers and using the customer feedback loop to enhance business processes for both large and small organisations.



Helping businesses discover, understand, and share smart insights packed with real action potential from their customer feedback is what excites me.

Creating value adding solutions for our clients across the globe by matching needs to our offerings is what I do every day. Building long term relationships with our clients and partners is the cornerstone of my approach



My purpose is to utilise my professional Human Capital and Labour knowledge, experience and skills, as well as my business acumen, towards helping Smoke CI impact its human capital in a meaningful manner and achieve breakthrough performance.

I am passionate about deeply caring for, connecting with, empowering and encouraging people to be the best that they can be.



As an experienced marketing and sales professional, I am passionate about helping companies listen to their customers and use feedback data - in a way that makes sense and adds value.

By managing and intertwining multiple disciplines I build solutions that support our clients and channel partners requirements - helping  them get the insight from Customer Experience feedback that they need to build better businesses.



As a Finance professional I firmly believe that knowledge is power. By linking Customer Experience metrics to financial data, finance professionals gain meaningful insight into the anticipated behaviour of their valued customers and the resultant impact on their revenue base, enabling them to enhance their financial planning processes, and make better holistic business decisions.

I strive to optimise the financial performance of Smoke CI, to drive value for our employees and shareholders, and ensure we are able provide our valued clients with a cost effective solution that delivers real value.

To help every organisation hear the voice of their customer

Start leveraging our technology to easily and effectively understand the Voice of your Customer.