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How does your Customer Experience measure up?


Our Customer Story

CX in AutomotiveWhen it comes to driving CX, decisions based on real-time VOC makes a real difference.

As a leading automotive brand, our client knows that loyalty to a vehicle brand requires an emotional connection. In the highly competitive automotive industry, how customers feel about a particular brand can often outweigh more logical considerations when making a purchase, and our customer sought to grow this emotional connection through great customer experience.

Through a partnership with Smoke Customer Intelligence, the automotive brand was able to identify the causes of dissatisfaction and implement changes in a way that directly improved customer satisfaction. This, in turn, has helped them achieve sales numbers within the top 5 of all brands nationwide.


Why the automotive industry trusts us.

  • We help our customers engage more than 150 thousand vehicle owners annually; 
  • The complexity of Voice of the Customer (VOC) measurement is removed thanks to dealer & service centre measurement toolkits; 
  • Results aligned to OEM requirements
  • Real-time escalations provide the information necessary to rapidly recover from service failures and identify the root causes of such;
  • POPIA and GDPR aligned practices ensure data protection
  • Reporting on an individual, dealership and regional level enables niche improvement interventions, benchmarking and cost savings

Gearing your brand through CX





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Many consumers conduct 90% of research online before entering a dealership. The experience offered by this touch-point should offer a great one.

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As the physical manifestation of the experience offered to your customers, your dealership network is a substantial customer touch-point.

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After-sale and servicing are touch-points that increase customer loyalty when experiences are good, but can impact repeat purchase is handled poorly.

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contact center

Your contact centre can be your biggest customer touch-point requiring professional, knowledgeable and empathetic agents to deliver delight.

Automotive experienceQuality in the auto industry is better than ever. The lowest rated vehicles today have fewer problems than the best ones from just a decade ago.  Surprisingly, this improvement hasn't resulted in an equitable increase in customer retention.

It’s becoming obvious that vehicle improvements don't create the increase in loyalty and growth that is required. That means any automotive brand wanting to secure a competitive advantage needs to focus efforts where there is ample opportunity to win customers and focus on CX.


Voice of the Customer for the automotive industry