The secret to patient care, is in caring for the patient.

How does your Patient Experience measure up?


Our Customer Story

The-Experience-of-HealthcareWhen it's a matter of life and death, decisions based on real-time VOC makes a real difference.

As an established South African Hospital Group providing private patient healthcare in Africa, our client holds dear an ambition of creating places of healing for their communities where every patient receives the best possible experience.

Through the implementation of the Smoke Customer Intelligence’s VOC solution across multiple patient touch-points, the Group is able to correct service failures in real-time and make business decisions on patient data.


Why the healthcare industry trusts us.


  • We help our customers engage more than 6.7 million patients annually; 
  • We remove the  complexity from Patient Experience with a pre-designed toolkit; 
  • Measurement aligns with HCAHPS metholodogy producing comparable results and the opportunity to preemptively improve; 
  • Real-time escalations  provide the information necessary to recover from service failures while the patient is still in the facility;
  • Reporting offers group and unit manager measurement and bench marking enabling the identification of pain-points.

HCAHPS alignment


Patient Expereince in healthcare



Accident & Emergency

In many cases, the first point of contact with a patient, the A&E unit has both unique impact, and requirements in terms of Patient Experience.


Admissions Department

An experience requiring paperwork and process, Admissions has a huge impact on the perception of efficiency and care within the healthcare facility.

Icon_In hospital

In-Hospital Treatment

In-hospital care from staff friendliness to cleanliness and meals the primary driver of patient experience, and offers the greatest opportunity for improvement.

ICON_discharge process

Post Discharge Care & Information

A patients experience doesn't end within the walls of the facility. Discharge process, medication and at-home care suggestions all contribute.

Patient-escalation“Our vision is ‘to champion exceptional patient experience and clinical outcomes’ and it is through our partnership with Smoke CI that we have been empowered to fully understand our patient journey and enhance their experience .

Having our VOC insight's available, in real time, has enabled us to hold relevant stakeholders accountable, build and augment processes and create a customer-centric culture throughout our organisation.

Lenmed now boasts having 2 hospitals (of 3 eligible) ranked as top 20 hospitals in South Africa. ‘


Michelle Naidoo,

Group Marketing Manager