Understanding the words customer share

Sentiment and text analytics interpret verbatim responses

Customer feedback has become hugely popular over the last two decades. Thanks to its ease of implementation, quantitative research is a popular...

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What you need to know about using Eyerys within Genesys


Smoke Customer Intelligence is an Appfoundry partner offering a Voice of the Customer platform to Genesys clients. Through working with our Genesys...

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Are you maximising client feedback?


Gone are the days where you could just sweep negative client feedback under the carpet and go about your business thinking your client is loyal to...

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Post-call IVR surveys… Are you committing these four deadly sins?


Post-call IVR surveys… Are you committing these four deadly sins?  

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Six Voice of the Customer strategies to optimise your call centre


Six Voice of the Customer strategies to optimise your call centre Voice of the Customer survey technology can be a powerful tool for managing and...

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5 ways to analyse customer feedback to improve call centre CX


Four out of ten contact centres don’t analyse the data they collect… Contact centres are known for the vast number of metrics they use to measure...

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Employee experience matters – a lot!


Recently, several posts on social media have drawn attention to the importance of cultivating the right employee experience in a companies’ overall...

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The ultimate customer experience management formula


Customer experience management has become so strategic for many business leaders that companies are starting to lose sight of its purpose. While...

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Apples and oranges: the dangers of bad Net Promoter Score benchmarking


When we think about Net Promoter Scores, it’s easy to leap to Apple as the ideal player to emulate: how many other companies can boast such a fervent...

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Why is CSAT an important metric?


A company’s customer satisfaction score, or CSAT, may not be a crystal ball for understanding every aspect of your customers’ needs, but it can be an...

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Is the NPS a predictor of growth?


18 December 2014 – Andrew Cook

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Effecting efficiency and the Customer Effort Score


Measuring the key drivers of customer retention and loyalty is a key focus for organisations seeking to refine their knowledge on how transactional...

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Up Your Net Promoter Score, Up Your Bottom Line


The rule of thumb in advertising when it comes to accessing the success of a TV commercial or any other radio, print or outdoor campaign is quite...

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Building customer-centricity solutions through adaptable software


Business, like life, can be messy. A one-size-fits-all approach to your customer-centricity solutions in today’s fast-paced and demanding business...

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Why measuring customer satisfaction is vital to reduce the churn rate


Measuring customer satisfaction can help you reduce the number of unhappy customers. This is particularly vital when you consider 1st Financial...

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Using email surveys for business analytics


As business shifts focus from big data to data analytics, we’re starting to find that more businesses are benefiting from the value that can be...

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All listen and all action – the voice of the customer


American author Ernest Hemingway once said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” It is good, practical advice that...

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Is email feedback the perfect survey choice?


Did you know that in the time it took you to read this sentence over 204 million emails had been sent around the world? It is a statistic that both...

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Survey – from meh to magic


Survey. It’s a word that often evokes a shrug and a “meh” from customers. Another company, another survey. What’s the point?

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