Best practice tips for Avaya contact centre surveys

For any organisation, the contact centre is often the single biggest customer touchpoint. Being the voice of an organisation means that the contact centre carries great responsibility when it comes to impacting customer satisfaction levels. More than that, customer feedback is a vital source of performance data, helping contact centre leaders to optimise the process and manage agents with an external data source. 

Implementing Avaya Contact Centre Surveys can be time-consuming and tricky, particularly if you do not have a solution that integrates and operates across channels. To get the best out of your feedback programme in an Avaya contact centre, follow our six top tips:


  1.  Ask only relevant questions – no more than 3.Beautiful young lady thinking with question marks overhead
    By its very nature, a survey after an interaction with your contact centre is transactional in nature. You are exploring the impact that the specific interaction, and agent, had on customer satisfaction. What is important in this type of feedback is satisfaction with the agent, and with the interaction overall. The inclusion of an agent CSAT (customer satisfaction) question and a single process question (Ease, CES – Customer effort etc. ) is all that you need to begin to understand the customer perception of their last interaction with your call centre. A verbatim (or leave a message) question is a valuable piece of verbatim data that allows customers to elaborate should they wish, so should be included as a final question. Don’t muddy the waters with long surveys and complex questions – your customers will simply not respond, and effort will be wasted in chasing a response rate, instead of effectively using the data you should be gathering by using an effective survey design.

  2. Adopt an omnichannel approach. 
    Omnichannel from EyerysYour customers have chosen to interact with your contact centre in their preferred channel of communication. Whether you engage digitally, or via voice, the best channel for feedback gathering is the channel that the customer chose. Deploying feedback across channels not only creates a better experience for your customer by engaging with them where they are, but it also allows you to gather feedback in terms of channel performance and in the case of omnichannel agents, where each agent is performing or requires coaching. Further, as digital communication evolves to a more AI-driven interaction, customer feedback allows you to improve digital engagement and can highlight the point at which human intervention is required.

  3. Remove the need for agent action. 
    Smiling businessman with headset interacting in his officeWhile there is always a certain amount of agent behaviour at play when it comes to feedback gathering, your survey solution should help you negate this through auto-transfer. The automatic deploying of a survey (whether it be after a call or after an email) helps to remove bias from feedback, democratises feedback invitations and goes a long way in ensuring an increased response rate. To manage factors such as survey fatigue, your chosen survey platform should offer business rules that help.

  4. Avoid asking for information you already have.
    Digitally generated binary code landscape on black backgroundThe customer has interacted with your Avaya platform which means several operational data points are available for comparison to feedback scores without you needing to ask redundant questions in your survey. Agent details, the reason a customer called, the ability to segment using call duration etc. should integrate into your feedback platform and match to survey responses, allowing for deeper analysis and operational understanding.

  5. Tie feedback to specific interactions and agents. 
    close up of a puzzle game partsSimilar to the above, thanks to the interaction with your Avaya environment, your survey solution should tie all feedback back to both an interaction and an agent. This becomes important on an operational level when seeking to improve specific processes. From an agent point of view, the ability to link feedback to specific agents and teams allows you to measure agents on customer satisfaction, identify areas of excellence and improvement and offer niche training interventions for individuals. 

  6. Use an integrated solution.
    Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.The best way to leverage the advantage of a feedback solution within your Avaya contact centre is to partner with a provider that easily integrates into Avaya. Integration comes in many forms, but to leverage the best of the above tips, choose an Avaya certified feedback partner. 


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