Uncovering your REAL customer experience

Uncovering your Customer Experience

It is inarguable that customer experience and listening to the Voice of the Customer is essential. Customers are more likely to rebuy and remain...

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Decluttering your Customer Experience Strategy


As the weather warms into Spring, many are gripped by a feeling of renewal and the urge to declutter and tidy. There is, in fact, a biological reason...

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Winter is Here – Customer Experience lessons from Game of Thrones


There is no doubt that George RR Martin and HBO have created a phenomenon. Never has a television series final season been so hotly debated,...

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Customer satisfaction through the right questions


Metricising customer service for successful CX  

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South African Insurance Company? 3 Things You Need to do to Acquire and Retain Millennial Customers


Millennials are fast becoming the largest market demographic in the economy, outstripping previous generations not only in size but in spending...

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Highlights from the CEM Africa Summit 2017

Highlights from the CEM Africa Summit 2017

The CEM Summit this year was one of the best events I have been to. It was an amazing opportunity to discuss pertinent industry issues. The level of...

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Nine ways to improve customer experience in any industry


It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, if you have customers you need to provide a great customer experience. And make sure it’s what...

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Start listening to your members to improve their experience – and retention


The Medical scheme industry has become exceptionally competitive, adding even more challenges to your plate. From streamlining the claims process,...

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Who is responsible for customer experience in your company?


After a recent, very shocking, customer experience with a service provider, I had to ask myself, “who’s responsible for customer experience in this...

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Four reasons your customer experience strategy might fail


In today’s highly competitive market, more and more companies are using customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator. If you’re in the...

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Insurance industry spotlight: Improving customer retention through proactive customer experience


Insurance companies are facing greater challenges in a market characterised by product saturation, soft pricing and competitive premiums. The rise of...

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Tipping the customer centric culture conversion


Out with the old, in with the new. This is a central part of a customer experience driven approach to business. A business’ cannot change to a...

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Shifting perspectives on customer feedback in two minutes


Customer experience has become a focal point for businesses worldwide, causing them to seek out the best ways to improve interactions with clients,...

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The Lifetime Value of a Customer


The lifetime value of a customer is an important aspect for any company as it determines what a customer may be worth to you if you manage to hold on...

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Why the insurance industry needs a helping hand


I have gained first-hand experience working within the insurance industry on their customer experience management and voice of the customer...

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Identifying customer needs: why it matters


It’s been a while since we discussed the importance of addressing customer needs and requirements. Your customers not only want great products and...

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How important is the customer journey to you?


I’m a firm believer that business leaders should be turning their focus to the customer journey. Many haven’t yet discovered the value of creating a...

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Six reasons to focus on customer satisfaction


Forget price and product wars, getting customer satisfaction right has become the key differentiator in today’s increasingly competitive market. It’s...

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What does business process optimisation have to do with customer experience?


Customer experience management is about balancing the fluffy stuff with optimal operations. Focusing on delighting your customers means that customer...

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The next level: customer engagement


Companies are talking about customer engagement and the concept is causing a stir in service-driven companies. But is customer engagement just a new...

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