Tap into your employee's psyche to manage for success

Employee Engagement surveys drive organisational success

The first quarter of the year is a great time to engage with your employees to get a sense how motivated they are and of their connection to your...

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Customer Experience at arm’s length. It’s all about your intermediaries.

For many, creating customer experience is not as simple as delivering great service to the end customer making a purchase. Today's interconnected and...

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Don't let the Grinch steal Christmas. A complete guide to Detractors.

Turn detractors around

There are few Christmas stories more iconic than Dr Seuss's "The Grinch who stole Christmas" that was first published in 1957. The story written in...

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Employee Engagement the Santa way. Why the Elves are happy at work.

The story goes that Santa employs a large workforce of elves, who spend the majority of the year in production lines building all sorts of toys. As...

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No idea how to build a Customer Journey Map? Here are our top tips

Customer experience is undoubtedly invaluable for any brand wanting to stand out from its competitors, but great customer experience is not...

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The black sheep no more. B2B Customer Experience finding its place

B2B Customer Experience

For many years, CX and Customer Feedback has found a firm place within the B2C environment, with many B2B organisations eschewing formalised feedback...

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7 opportunities to differentiate through CX in the automotive industry

CX in the automotive customer journey

Competition is rife in the automotive industry. Vehicle functionality and price within various vehicle classes are ubiquitous, leaving customers...

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Empathy in times of Crisis  (otherwise known as giving a Damn)

Empathy as a driver of CX

A constricting economy. Consumer spending under pressure. Recession. Pandemic. Unemployment. Liquidation. These phrases that have become part of our...

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Managing the Voice of the Customer in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the whole world. Our customers are living through tumultuous times. Customer Experience is more important than ever.

We live in a world of turmoil. Periodically, unpredictable and unprecedented events shake the very core of our lives. These times require keeping a...

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Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Unhappy customers are a goldmine

When measuring Voice of the Customer, Escalation management is often viewed as the burden instead of an opportunity. There is gold in negative feedback

Over the past decade, most organisations seeking a competitive edge have implemented Customer Experience (CX) strategies to some extent. The...

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The DNA of a Survey | Whitepaper

The DNA of a Survey

Globally, organisations are recognising the importance of collecting and understanding customer feedback and are consequently investing in Voice of...

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VOC for TCF compliance

The Voice of the Customer will provide insights into opportunities to improve product and service across the board and a clear insight into the fairness of treatment delivered by the organisation.

  For many customers, the financial industry is one fraught with terms and conditions, confusing products and fee structures that are unclear. In an...

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Aligning Patient Experience with HCAHPS

Patient Experience for the healthcare industry

According to a study by Deloitte, global spending on healthcare will increase at an annual rate of more than 4% for the next two years, reaching a...

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The one resolution every CX manager should make (and keep)

We challenge all CX professionals to know their metrics, but to also move beyond a mere score.

It's a New Year, and many people use this time of year to set new goals for themselves. New Year's resolutions have become somewhat of a tradition;...

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Uncovering your REAL customer experience

Uncovering your Customer Experience

It is inarguable that customer experience and listening to the Voice of the Customer is essential. Customers are more likely to rebuy and remain...

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Decluttering your Customer Experience Strategy


As the weather warms into Spring, many are gripped by a feeling of renewal and the urge to declutter and tidy. There is, in fact, a biological reason...

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Winter is Here – Customer Experience lessons from Game of Thrones


There is no doubt that George RR Martin and HBO have created a phenomenon. Never has a television series final season been so hotly debated,...

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Customer satisfaction through the right questions


Metricising customer service for successful CX  

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3 Things You Need to Acquire and Retain Millennial Insurance Customers


Millennials are fast becoming the largest market demographic in the economy, outstripping previous generations not only in size but in spending...

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