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Keep Your CX Plan on Point by Refreshing Your Brand Promises

Keep Your CX Plan on Point by Refreshing Your Brand Promises

A brand promise is so much more than just business goals or a list of value propositions, it’s a fundamental declaration of what customers can consistently expect from your brand, both in terms of products or services and their interactions with your company. But how often are you revisiting your brand promises for CX? 

From a strategic standpoint, a Customer Experience (CX) Manager should consider revising their brand promise not on a fixed schedule, but rather in response to specific triggers or circumstances, like market changes, organisational changes or when the business is introducing new products or innovative services. 

In this article, we look at 6 reasons why you should be revisiting your brand promises to boost your customer satisfaction and experience scores.

Stay Ahead of the Game: In the world of customer experience (CX), resting on your laurels is a no-go. Refreshing your brand promises keeps your CX strategy vibrant and relevant. 

Build Stronger Connections: Your customers evolve, and so should your brand promises. By updating them, you strengthen your customer experience by showing that you understand and can adapt to their changing needs.

Enhance Customer Trust: Consistency is key in CX. Regularly refreshing your brand promises shows customers you’re committed to excellence and improvement. 

Drive Better Engagement: Fresh brand promises can reignite the excitement around your brand, spurring conversations and engagement. 

Track the Right Results: With updated brand promises, you give your CX strategy room to measure new metrics in different areas, leading to enhanced performance metrics and improved NPS (Net Promoter Scores). 

Stay Competitive: In a bustling market, differentiation is crucial. Updating your brand promises ensures you’re not just keeping up, but standing out. It’s like being in a marathon – you need to pace yourself to stay ahead of the pack.

Refreshing your brand promises is an essential exercise for any Customer Experience Manager aiming to keep their CX strategy not just afloat, but sailing smoothly towards success. Remember, in the world of CX, change isn’t just good – it’s necessary!

If you’re struggling with ways to innovate your customer experience, why not talk to us? We have over 15 years of experience delivering insight and powerful customer experience support to our clients. 

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