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2022 - 2023 Global NPS Benchmarks Revealed: Where do you stand?

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Our 2022-2023 Global NPS Benchmark study is now available for download. In this edition, we've thoroughly examined the NPS benchmark (the likelihood of end-users recommending a product, business, or service) across various industries, customer journeys, and touchpoints, utilizing three primary survey methods: IVR, SMS, and online distribution.

All data was collected in 2022, and no analysis was conducted on samples of fewer than 100 respondents, with a total of 2,832,966 results analysed.

Lower Than Previous Years.

We have found that overall, the NPS rating from our previous benchmark has lowered from 61 to 42, and while we're all tired of hearing about COVID, we cannot underplay the significance that COVID had on all of us from a consumer standpoint. 

Shifts in technology, changes in attitudes towards customer loyalty and brand, as well as the economic impact of the pandemic is still making itself known.  

We must emphasize that NPS scores can vary significantly across industries and companies. Therefore, when interpreting this score, it is imperative to consider the specific industry context and competitors' performance.

Why Measure NPS?

It makes sense financially: A  study by the London School of Economics indicated that 7% increase in NPS correlates with a 1% increase in revenue.  

Predict churn and avoid negative word of mouth: According to only 1 out of every 26 dissatisfied customers actually voice their complaints, the rest churn without saying anything. However, they do share their negative experiences with friends and family. NPS Detractors are responsible for 80% of negative word of mouth.

Grow your customer base organically:  Conversely, 80-90% of positive referrals come from Promoters, underscoring the importance of regularly following up after each NPS survey.

Download your copy of the Smoke CI 2022-2023 NPS Benchmark and discover how your performance compares.