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How to present CX data & insights to your board. Ft. Free Template!

How to present CX data & insights to your board. Ft. Free Template!

It’s the end of the Quarter and your board has asked you to step up and share your Voice of the Customer Data. Pull yourself towards yourself, take a deep breath and read on for our top tips on getting your VOC ready for presentation. This article provides a comprehensive guide to presenting VOC data to a room of board members, ensuring that your insights are persuasive, actionable, and aligned with the company's overarching goals.

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Step 1: Understand your audience. 

Any presentation starts with this crucial first step. When you understand who you’re presenting to, you understand the cadence of your presentation, the depth of detail required and you should form a better idea of what is and is not important to them. 

Put yourself in your bosses’ shoes and ask yourself: 

What information is important to the business goals for the last quarter? 
What were the difficulties in the quarter that was?
What were the main learnings that can be taken forward into the next?
What were the actionable points and victories from this quarter? 
What are the questions you’d expect him to ask about the data you are presenting? 
And MOST importantly: How much information, is too much? 

Step 2: Select a Framework and pull the data.

Armed with the insights above, you’re ready to go through the data and create your presentation. 
A strong framework for any presentation is always WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW.
Who are you talking to, what are the problems, why you should fix them and how you’re going to do that. With this and your strategy goals in mind, you’re ready to review the data. 

Step 3: Why should we care? 

An important step of any presentation, whether you’re talking numbers and timelines, or giving a Ted Talk is how you make your information relevant to your audience. 

If your review is on a quarterly basis, you may want to start with a recap of the previous quarter. Use the previous quarter as a contrast to the current. 

Another good way to make the data personal is by highlighting a few individual stories, can you share a customer’s success story, or can you show how your contact center agents in a specific area turned their section around? 

By focusing on real stories within the data sets you can highlight growth, change or improvement in a human way. 

Step 4: End with a call to action!

Now that you’ve outlined and built your presentation, your ending is as important as the start. You can use the end of your presentation to show new goals for the next quarter, but it’s also important to make your board feel included and involved. 

A strong call to action could be anything from asking approval for these goals, or to get buy-in for employee engagement programs to upskill the staff on the ground. 

Step 5: Download and customise our presentation template (see what we did there?)

Need more help? Grab the document here, and customise it to work for your next VOC review. 

This document includes sections for:
Recap of Quarter’s Goals

High-Level Overview of Previous Quarter
Number of Surveys
Main Themes Identified
Changes implemented

High-level Overview of This Quarter
Overview of metrics and surveys for the quarter 
Number of Surveys
Number of Survey responses
Main Themes Identified

Problems Themes: 
Agent / Staff performance
Main themes of complaints
Demographic overview of complaint regions
Steps taken to correct

Victories / Solutions: 
Implemented programs
Staff retention
Customer satisfaction score
NPS Score

Goals for the Quarter to follow
Summary and closing remarks. 



Armed with this template, and a few presentation basics, anyone can make the most out of their VOC presentations. 

If you use it, stop by our LinkedIn page and let us know how your presentation went! We'd love to know. 



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