What is enterprise feedback management?


As we enter the “age of the customer”, we need to use and understand all of the tools that can assist businesses in getting to know their customers better. One of these tools is enterprise feedback management. Forrester Research defines enterprise feedback management as a “system of software and processes that enables organisations to centrally collect, analyse, and report on feedback from key customer groups and tailor insights for various internal users”.

More powerful than a survey

At the simplest level, enterprise feedback management is an expansion of a survey platform. When used systematically, it is capable of collecting and analysing customer feedback from multiple channels in real-time. This information can then be used to create changes that improve response time and service.

Let’s look at a practical example of how enterprise feedback management can work:

A customer logs on to a banking website and enters her personal details to access her account. She searches for a financial aid application, but can’t find the specific information or tool to get started. Instead, she notices that she can provide feedback about the banking website expressing her frustrations that she could not find the application form. An enterprise feedback management system would generate an alert to a designated banking representative about this. The representative would then get in touch with the customer to help her with the information she is looking for and to better understand how to help other customers in future.

While surveys might sample several people to find out their collective thought about a specific issue, an enterprise feedback management system can be used to find out if a specific customer has a problem and immediately resolve it. In short, enterprise feedback management is a fundamental cog in any customer experience programme.

Benefits of enterprise feedback management

Naturally, organisations want to know what the benefits of an enterprise feedback management solution are and what sets it apart from other customer care solutions. Benefits include:

  • The enablement of real-time, customer-driven responses
  • The ability to identify where specific employee training needs lie
  • Being able to fix lapses in customer service
  • Assisting customers before they get frustrated and take business elsewhere
  • It can be used as a KPI tool to compensate employees based on customer performance measurements
  • The understanding of what keeps customers returning to your business
  • The driving of consistency throughout the organisation by the sharing of results
  • Integrated reporting of all feedback and moments of truth

Many companies are realising the value of enterprise feedback management and adopting it as a best practice. If you’d like to find out more information about enterprise feedback management and what it can do for your organisation, please contact us for further information.

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