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Voice to Text concept

Barbara Blackburn was a clerical worker and typing virtuoso, who still holds the record for typing after her death in 2008 with 212 words per minute (I’m a paltry 76 by comparison). It's a remarkable feat to consider, especially when the average person's speech clocks in at around 150 words per minute.

Now picture this: What if you could harness the capabilities of a battalion of "Barbaras," attentively listening to the feedback from spoken feedback and voice notes taking place in your contact centre, generating word-perfect transcripts of every interaction? The transformation would be immense.

Welcome to the world of Smoke CI's Voice to Text feature – an innovation that not only streamlines and scales your contact centre feedback programme but also delivers real-time verbatim analysis and elevated sentiment insights for spoken feedback and voice note interaction.

What is Voice-to-Text feedback?

Voice-to-text (or speech-to-text as it’s also known) is a feature that allows you to invite your clients to leave spoken feedback during any survey you present them after a call.  It has been built to be able to recognise syllables and sounds in fractions of fractions of seconds that form words that are then transposed to written record.

What are the limitations of Voice to Text?

It's important to note that Voice-to_text is currently limited to recorded spoken feedback on portions of your customer surveys, not the entire call, there are also two other concerns, namely: 

  1. Lack of accuracy: Voice to Text struggles with accents and can also misunderstand contextual words, for example, their, they’re and there.
  2. Noise interference: We can’t always be in a nice, quiet room for each of our calls, and unfortunately, VTT modules don’t always work well in noisy environments, leading to background voices being transcribed or misunderstood transcriptions.


What are the Benefits of using Voice to Text In your Contact Centre Feedback?

Save Time: Imagine the hours spent sifting through agent-customer conversations. With Voice to Text coupled with Smoke CI's Genesys Integrations and sentiment analysis, real-time call feedback becomes your steadfast ally.

Create Indexable Records: Export your Voice to Text customer survey data to craft a searchable treasure trove of customer feedback.

Harness Powerful Insights: Enlist the prowess of AI and machine learning for sentiment analysis, empowering you to pinpoint pain points in your offerings, enhance agent training, and craft resonant marketing materials.

Swift Resolutions: Swiftly flag and address negative interactions, expediting issue resolution and amplifying your customer service.

The question remains – what's the investment? Setting up a personal Voice to Text system can be pricey, contingent upon the chosen module. However, opting for Smoke CI's Voice to Text brings good fortune, with costs per interaction that amount to mere cents. What's more, coupling it with sentiment analysis lightens your load, allowing you to focus your attention where it truly matters: nurturing your agents and tending to your customers.

It's time to embrace the revolution firsthand. Embark on a journey to experience the incredible potential of Voice to Text by reserving a demo today. Your Contact Centre's transformation begins with a simple click, as the worlds of AI-powered sentiment analysis and Voice to Text converge to reshape the future of customer interactions.



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