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Insurers: Does Your Online Service Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Insurers: Does Your Online Service Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Insurance is an industry where emotions run high and tensions are mounted. Making simplicity and speed of service resolution are paramount. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated our reliance on technology, particularly in online services for everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, banking, and appointment scheduling. The insurance industry, as highlighted in a Deloitte study, faced significant challenges, adapting rapidly to these changes with a keen focus on long-term digital transformation.

With the shift from face-to-face interactions, companies had to navigate the challenges of limited client connectivity and internet access, streamline claims processes, and introduce innovative models for Cyber Crime insurance and safety. Fast forward to the present, these adaptations have become standard, shaping customer expectations.

What Constitutes an Exceptional Online Customer Experience?

Ease of Use:

A seamless online experience begins with user-friendliness. Your website or app should be intuitively designed, allowing customers to find what they need effortlessly. This includes catering to those with limited accessibility by incorporating high-contrast text, clear buttons, and text-to-voice assistance features for the visually impaired. Tools like WAVE offer free accessibility testing, ensuring inclusivity.

Omnichannel, Real-time Support:

Customers now anticipate the flexibility to interact with their insurers through various channels at times convenient to them. Consistency in knowledge and policy across your social media, website, mobile apps, contact centres, and physical offices is crucial. This approach enables customers to engage on their preferred platforms, enhancing the overall Digital Customer Experience.


The convenience of accessing support anytime is increasingly vital. Progressive insurance companies are moving away from traditional PDF or print-and-scan claim processes. Implementing virtual chats or AI Chatbots can provide round-the-clock assistance, addressing customer queries efficiently.

Streamlining Claims Processes:

Ease of use is critical, especially during stressful times. Simplifying claim submissions can significantly enhance Customer Satisfaction (cSAT). Modern insurers offer online or app-based claim submissions, eliminating cumbersome processes and making it as straightforward as sending a text message.

Closing the Loop:

Upon receiving a claim, immediate engagement and regular updates from your support team are essential. This proactive communication not only streamlines the process but also fortifies customer relationships, potentially boosting your Net Promoter® Score (NPS).

Feedback Mechanisms:
You shouldn’t overlook your feedback mechanisms. Regular surveys, NPS® assessments and feedback can help in understanding satisfaction levels and areas of improvement. 

Think back to when you last had to submit a claim form for damages or loss of property and the overall experience you had - Would you recommend your insurer or your own business to your customers? If the answer is no, you may want to speak to us about finding ways to improve your online customer experience.

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