Highlights from the CEM Africa Summit 2017

The CEM Summit this year was one of the best events I have been to. It was an amazing opportunity to discuss pertinent industry issues. The level of conversation with clients was exceptional, and the maturity of the South African CEM market was obvious. As a country, we are starting to push boundaries and come up with innovative solutions and approaches to customer experience.

It was also a great opportunity to get the leading CX minds under one roof for two days. We are excited to see one of our clients, MultiChoice, take home four awards for their approach to addressing customer experience in their business. It makes me proud to be their partner in their journey.

Andrew Cook, CEO, Smoke Customer Intelligence

Multichoice walked away with four of the six CX awards at the CXA event

They were:
– The Customer Insights Award;
– The Customer Centric Culture Award;
– The CX Practitioner Award;
– The CXA Game Changer Award.

It really is great to be associated with such a customer focused enterprise.

We know some of you couldn’t attend, but I still want you to l have access to the knowledge and insight we shared. So, I’d like to set up some time to personally show how you can also get the Customer Intelligence advantage.

Click here now to schedule some time for a quick cup of coffee and I can take you through our presentation.

How do you make technology human?

 With the rapid growth in technological abilities, organisations are looking to digitise many processes. But how do we keep the human element alive?

 This was the topic of Graham Stephen, Chief Commercial Officer, Wonga. And it really got me thinking, have we become too focused on chasing a score that we forget to hear clients?

It’s great to see so many investing in CX and using Voice of the Customer solutions to get feedback. But we have noticed that some companies focus on their NPS score so much, that they forget to listen to what their clients are saying in their own words. And this verbatim feedback is what can drive real business change. In fact, real comments and verbatim feedback is often when the penny drops. The “a-ha” moment of customer experience, when management and exco can see what their customers are saying – in their own words.

There are tools that can pick out certain words in replies and flag these for further investigation, but how many true responses have been missed because the client didn’t use a word (or misspelled it) that you had flagged for immediate attention. And truly listening to a client is what will keep the human element alive.

Tertia Barrett, MD, Smoke Customer Intelligence


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