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How can your company benefit from enterprise feedback management?

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13 February 2015 – Andrew Cook

With customer experience management taking the fore, the need to map every area of your business has never been greater. Andrew Cook explores what an enterprise feedback management system can do for your company.

Customers are more demanding and more connected than ever before. They’re also becoming a lot more vocal about their needs and wants – especially when those needs aren’t being met. It’s one thing to have surveys in place to capture their voices, but you also need to understand what they’re going through when dealing with your business. If you don’t have a full view of the entire customer lifecycle, and how to identify when and where things aren’t running smoothly, you’ll be left on the back foot, simply capturing many unhappy voices.

Efficiency at every level of operation is thus vital. If you compare the customer lifecycle to the running of an engine, it’s easy to see how one small mechanical failure can bring the entire process to a grinding halt.

Having the right tools in place can prevent that from happening. Enterprise feedback management is one such tool. It is the dashboard that allows you to view and analyse what’s going on in the engine.

Most companies realise the importance of listening to their customers using multiple channel surveys. If you don’t know what your customers are saying about your service, you’re at risk of losing them before you even know a problem exists – and of seeing your brand reputation go down the tubes too.

Step up the game

Enterprise feedback management takes survey platforms to the next level by incorporating integrated data analytics and business intelligence across an organisation. This information can then be used to initiate better business processes, and drive the meaningful action, that will result in customer service improvement.

To define it in technical terms, enterprise feedback management is a system of processes and software that allows you to centrally collect, analyse, and report on the insights gained from customer feedback.

Identify pain points

Since enterprise feedback management enables real-time intelligence to be captured from customer-specific transactions, you’re able to quickly identify the pain points in the customer lifecycle and create opportunities to deal with them.

Being able to monitor and track customer behaviour, segment your customers, and identify common problems means you can start to discover patterns that can shape how you should engage each customer segment and optimise their individual experience.

Enterprise feedback management can help you determine whether customer service is failing or if specific areas in your service delivery are lacking. It provides integrated reporting on all feedback, which can be used to tailor service offerings and refine how customers engage with your business.

Rectify problems before customers walk away

Implementing change based on these insights is the first step in improving your customer experience. While many businesses still focus their efforts on constantly acquiring new customers, they don’t realise the massive value that optimising conversions through the customer lifecycle can add.

Enterprise feedback management helps you to take key actions at every stage in the customer lifecycle so that you can fix problems and retain customers.

Drive consistency

With centralised data collection, you can integrate data from your enterprise feedback management system with various CRMs, databases and information systems. Analytical insights can be used to facilitate customer experience training across the entire company.

Using enterprise feedback management increases efficiency and consistency as well as reduces costs because it can be used by the entire company. Everyone from frontline sales, marketing, human resources, account management, and senior management can collaboratively engage in achieving a common goal.

Advanced customer management

While most surveys available online can be used to determine simple patterns or demographics, an enterprise feedback management system unifies customer data from a variety of sources as well as tracks engagement and escalations. Any large organisation will benefit from a complete workflow system that takes you through each step in customer recovery, managing process change, and improving the customer experience.