What difference do customer experience management solutions make?


The importance of sound customer experience management solutions cannot be stressed enough. It provides business with the differentiator that’s needed in today’s competitive environment. This being said, it is as crucial to focus on proven customer experience management solutions, because the horse still needs to pull the carriage.

Quite often, companies create in-house surveys with no real understanding of what they are measuring. Why do they do this? Simply because they don’t understand how valuable customer experience management solutions really are to the bottom line. They know the buzzwords, but don’t understand the magnitude of CEM, nor do they want to expend resources on customer experience management solutions that they don’t yet understand.

Here’s a typical scenario:

In August, Average Bank received numerous complaints about its telephone banking personnel, but with no guiding indication of the underlying problem. Management decided against looking at various customer experience management solutions, and chose rather to get the marketing department to email its client base the following month and ask them to participate in a survey.

While Average Bank was well-intentioned and wanted to improve its service levels, it made several key mistakes. One, it had no indication of what the actual problem was. Two, it took them too long to act on the problem. Three, it didn’t identify and engage with the specific customers who were experiencing issues. And finally, the bank didn’t implement the survey via the channel through which customers were experiencing service pains.

Without a strategy in place to analyse, use and action the data obtained from the survey, the entire exercise would prove futile, particularly in relation to the complaints against the telephone banking personnel and Average Bank would be back at square one.

There are too many reasons that point to the need for professional services. Customer experience management solutions, such as Eyerys, are the result of thousands of hours of software design, research and application. These solutions exist to provide visibility, insight and measurable data to businesses. Instead of guesswork to identify where the problems lie, customer experience management solutions enable businesses to listen to individual customers at every point of their interaction with the company.

Flag the problem before it’s too late

If an interaction is going south, a red flag would be immediately raised and action could be taken. It is also important that customer experience management solutions are tailored to specific needs.  Often, email surveys work for online engagement, while post call IVRs are better suited to call centres, for example. A qualified customer care solutions company will be able to meet and identify your business’ specific needs, ensuring that customer experience management solution is effective and relevant.

Understand the value of customer experience management solutions

If your company is serious about retaining customers, growing profit, increasing the number of new customers and selling more to existing customers, you need to listen effectively to what your customers are saying about your service. Customer experience management solutions exist to channel feedback and help you understand the customer’s voice. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us.

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