Gather feedback for every touchpoint in your customer's journey and use it to improve their experiences.


Listen to and understand the feedback from your customers using Eyerys. Capture and analyse feedback at all interactions to refine processes, reward and improve the experience offered with our award-winning customer experience (CX) survey software solution.





From first sale to churn - every interaction counts

Winning a churned customer back is hard, and can cost thousands. At Smoke Customer Intelligence, we believe that you should hear from, and understand the feedback that matters most to your business: Your customer. Our solution gathers feedback from your customers across various channels and touchpoints, allowing you to understand experiences, react to service disruption, optimise processes and systems, and reward employees who deliver to a high standard. Whether on the phone, in-store or in-app, our system analyses feedback so that you can take immediate action to increase customer loyalty and retention.


A survey is not just a survey

Crafting effective surveys is both an art and a science. Our whitepaper on survey design guides you in asking the right questions at the right time, using the right approach, and choosing between RNPS, TNPS, or CSAT to get the answers that truly matter.

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Customer Journey Analytics

Measure CX metrics at every journey point, and understand the contributions of individuals, teams, and processes, enabling you to focus your business initiatives effectively.


Verbatim Analysis & Insights

Understanding the words your customers use is vital. Sentiment analysis helps you comprehend verbatim feedback at scale and turn it into actionable insights within your organization.


Real-Time Reporting & Insight

Customer feedback data is your secret weapon to enhance all aspects of service delivery. Flexible reporting delivers actionable insights into the performance of your people and processes. Our open API allows you to utilize your data in ways that align with your needs.


Measure Individual Locations or Agents

Get reporting on an individual agent level, or review as teams across various locations to make improvements where needed across your business or organisation.


Case Management & Escalations

Delight your customers with the ability to recover from service interruptions or hiccups quickly. Real-time notifications of low-scoring surveys mean you can reach out to customers in the moment, gather data on root causes of dissatisfaction, and fuel continuous improvement.


Omnichannel Distribution

Reach your customers on their preferred communication channels. Eyerys supports multiple survey distribution methods.

Feedback software that creates insight into the areas that matter most to your business. 

Eyerys is an award-winning feedback platform for customer journeys and contact centres. It's an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution for connecting to your customers. Don't just collect data; use it to empower, decipher the pulse of your customers, gain a holistic view of your operations and enhance your operations. 


The SmokeCI Eyerys Application displayed on a laptop

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