Smoke Customer Intelligence announces ISO 27001 certification

Smoke CI ISO 27001 Certification

Smoke Customer Intelligence, a Voice of the Customer software provider, has received ISO 27001 certification. The certification validates Smoke CI’s commitment to its customers' data security requirements.

"We are very proud to have achieved certification on our first attempt and with no non-conformities", says Werner Visagie, GM, Finance and Compliance, Smoke CI. “Although certification is not obligatory, it demonstrates to our clients that we take information security very seriously and treat their data with the utmost care. Our clients trust us with large amounts of sensitive information about their customers and our decision to become ISO 27001 certified shows that we are one of the few within the customer experience industry that takes the trust our clients place in us very seriously.”

ISO is an International Organisation for Standardisation that develops and publishes standards that are internationally agreed upon by experts and is one of the best ways to demonstrate a company’s commitment to its information security. These standards aid companies in securing all electronic business data through confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The ISO 27001 certification process assists businesses in identifying potential vulnerabilities in information security. Furthermore, it offers guidelines in implementing a structured approach to data security, ensuring that security breaches are avoided, whilst improving the strength of cyber protection.

“ISO 27001 is more than just a data security tickbox – it underscores the value we bring to our clients," says Sarah Lubbe, Head of Client at Smoke CI. “It shows our clients and prospects that our entire business works within the necessary controls and policies that keep personal information and client data safe – which is an absolute must in today’s operating context”.

"Having an independent certified body find our information security to be effective gives our clients peace of mind that the information assets we hold are secure" continues Visagie. “We believe that ISO 27001 compliance is about more than just protecting data and view it as a public testament to the values of integrity and excellence that we hold dear.”

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