Mistakes You're Making That's Losing "Face" With Your Colleagues

Coworkers gossiping behind someone's back

Building trust and credibility in the workplace is vital to developing strong working relationships with your colleagues. However, it can be easily eroded if certain mistakes are made. Here are some common mistakes that employees make that can reduce trust and credibility amongst their colleagues:

Failing to follow through on commitments
One of the easiest ways to lose the trust of your colleagues is to not follow through on commitments you've made. If you promise to deliver something by a certain deadline or commit to attending a meeting, it's essential that you do so. Failing to follow through can lead to a perception of unreliability and negatively impact your credibility.

Not admitting mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes, and it's important to own up to them when they happen. By not admitting to mistakes or trying to cover them up, you're likely to lose the trust of your colleagues. It's better to be honest and take responsibility for your mistakes, as this will show your colleagues that you're trustworthy and willing to learn from your errors.

Not respecting other people's time
In today's busy workplaces, time is a precious commodity. If you're consistently late for meetings or miss deadlines, you're showing a lack of respect for your colleagues' time. This can lead to frustration and mistrust, as your colleagues may feel that you don't value their input or contributions.

Gossiping or talking behind people's backs
Gossiping or talking behind people's backs can be a surefire way to lose the trust of your colleagues. Not only does it show a lack of professionalism, but it can also damage relationships and create a toxic work environment. It's important to be respectful of your colleagues and to deal with any issues directly and constructively.

Not communicating effectively
Effective communication is key to building trust and credibility in the workplace. If you're not clear in your communication or fail to respond to emails and messages in a timely manner, you're likely to lose the trust of your colleagues. It's essential to be open, honest, and responsive in your communication to build strong working relationships.

Being rigid and inflexible can make it difficult to work with others and can limit opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Employees who are open to new ideas and willing to consider different perspectives are often more effective in building strong relationships with their colleagues.

Lack of transparency
When employees withhold information or are not transparent about their motives or intentions, it can create suspicion and mistrust among their colleagues. Being transparent and honest can help build trust and credibility.

Lack of empathy
Empathy is an important aspect of building strong relationships with colleagues. Employees who are able to understand and relate to their colleagues' perspectives and emotions are often more effective in building trust and credibility.

In conclusion, building trust and credibility in the workplace is essential to success. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your colleagues view you as a reliable, trustworthy, and professional colleague. This will enable you to work more effectively as part of a team and achieve your career goals.


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