CX is a journey, not a destination

CX is a journey not a destination

Many organisations embark on a CX strategy with a future state in mind. This is of course the starting point of any successful strategy, but those organisations that truly succeed at Customer Experience understand that the end point is an idea, not a destination, and that CX is an evolving, and continuous journey, one that you are never done with. 

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You are never done with Customer Experience


It's a tale as old as time - an organisation seeks to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn, so they implement a VOC programme that monitors metrics such as NPS or Csat. They set themselves a target and drive initiatives to achieve such. Once the perceived magical number is attained, they sit back and celebrate having achieved their Customer Experience Utopia. Despite getting to their targeted score, they find that customer retention is still not a given, and they are left scratching their heads as to what is next.

The crux of the matter is that Customer Experience is not a point in time score, it is the on-going ethos of providing customers with service that reflects their needs and satisfies both their personal and practical needs during a transaction. Metrics are, of course, an essential part in measuring this process, but measurement is by no means the only factor necessary in providing excellent customer experience.

A recent study found that over the last few years, metrics such as NPS and Csat have started to reach a plateau, with many organisations struggling to improve the scores they are achieving. For many, this is a reflection of the moments-of-truth that support the overall metrics, called drivers of satisfaction. All along the customer journey are moments that can add to the ultimate satisfaction a customer feels about an interaction with a brand, and turning one's focus to these moments can unlock immense value.

The pursuit of outstanding customer experience requires constant evolution, with tweaks and changes to process, product and people engagement needed on an on-going basis. A Customer Experience strategy is not a project with a definite end-date, it is a journey, so enjoy the ride.

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