Turn experience into data, and data into growth. 


Eyerys is a Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform that has been designed with your customers in mind. Whether you use contact centres or prefer other omni-channel All important metrics are measured, key drivers are enabled, and performance is enhanced.




Proud Certified Partners of Industry Giants

Avaya Integration

Elevate your contact centre with our Avaya-certified integration, guaranteeing a seamless VoC experience.


Premium Genesys Integration

Harness the power of Genesys Cloud and Multi-Cloud. Ensure your VoC spans every corner of your operations.

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Best-in-Class Voice of the Customer (VOC) Solution

Enjoy a feature-rich customer survey solution in your business or contact centre

Smoke Customer Intelligence's Eyerys software offers you a way to gather your customer feedback and use it to its fullest. Make the most of understanding feedback and use it as a strategic tool in your business or organisation.

Our ready-to-use VOC measurement toolkit is suited to any contact centre environment seeking to measure performance, process, and overall customer experience throughout the customer journey. 

  • Native Integrations
  • Competitive Pricing Model
  • Omnichannel Surveys
  • Automatic Escalations
  • Close-Loop Feedback
  • Buyer Persona Satisfaction Drivers
  • Real-Time Reports and Metrics
  • Role-Based Reporting
  • Intuitive, Customisable Dashboards
  • Complete Starter Toolkit
  • Multilingual Surveys
  • Case Management & Excalations

The ultimate Contact Centre solution on the market

Use Smoke CI’s Eyerys to unleash the potential of your post-call IVR programme, make data-driven decisions across your organisation and enable your team with insight that creates happy customers.


Ready-to-Use VOC Toolkit

Our comprehensive VoC and Customer Journey toolkit is perfect for use in a contact centre environment, measuring performance, processes, and overall customer experience.


Agent Performance Management

Drill-down to an individual agent level, or review as teams across various locations to make improvements where needed.


Omnichannel Distribution

Reach your customers on their preferred communication channels


Custom Escalation Process

Configure it to match your organisation's hierarchy.


Real-Time Surveys & Metrics

Capture insights as they happen.


Schedule Reporting

Get reports as you need them direct to your inbox.


Customisable Widgets

Display the data that matters most by creating your own.


Easy Deployment

Our platform effortlessly integrates with major contact centre solutions, whether in the Cloud or on-site.



Pre-integrated into Avaya and Genesys, and compatible with most other telephony VOiP and cloud-based SIP systems.


Eyerys works with your telephony platform to make VOC easy and data-rich

Gathering customer feedback is essentially a data-gathering exercise and, in order to be effective, the process should seamlessly integrate into your telephony environment, support all channels of customer engagement, and enable real-time data collection.

Working with your telephony platform makes triggering feedback surveys seamless. This means that as the owner of the contact centre VoC programme, you can focus on the results of the data, and not the collection mechanism. Eyerys is deeply integrated into leading telephony platforms and works well with most SIP-based cloud platforms.


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The ROI of operationalising contact centre VoC

Thanks to a partnership with Smoke Customer Intelligence, the organisation was able to improve first call resolution by 8%, decrease costs by $4 million, and enhance customer satisfaction.

As they contemplate a future full of digital disruption, Smoke CI continues to partner with them in a process to embed CX throughout their customer journey so that an omnichannel approach to VoC is enabled, managed, and delivers organisation-wide results.


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