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What is your Customer Experience worth?

Our Customer Story

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Multi touch-point Voice of the Customer methodology that is worth its weight in gold


As Africa’s biggest lender by assets, our client holds the ambition of the leading financial service provider in Africa. From a customer experience perspective, the organisation had implemented a variety of solutions over the years, with varying levels of success.

By implementing our VOC solution and customer feedback tool within the contact center and branch network, the bank was able to obtain real-time feedback on service experiences from almost 100 000 clients monthly.  As the bank looks to the future, the partnership with Smoke CI is evolving to create a multi-channel, VOC programme at every key touch-point. 



Why the financial services industry trusts us.


  • We help our customers engage more than 8.5 million customers annually; 
  • The complexity of  VOC measurement  is decreased through a single omni-channel software platform across touch-points
  • Results enables compliance through providing evidence useful in proving TCF (Treating Customers Fairly); 
  • Real-time escalations  provide the information necessary to rapidly recover from service failures and identify the root causes of such;
  • POPIA and GDPR aligned practices ensure data protection
  • Reporting  on an individual, branch and regional level enables niche improvement interventions and cost savings

Using VOC for TCF




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Branches & ATM's

As the physical manifestation of the experience offered to your customers, your branch and ATM network are a substantial customer touch-point.

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Contact Centre

Your contact centre can be your biggest customer touch-point requiring professional, knowledgeable and empathetic agents to deliver delight.

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Online Banking

Many banking consumers transact online or in-app. This digital channel is a vital (and often the only) place to manage customer experience.

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Product Suite

From Private banking, to credit cards, home loans and reward programmes, each product offering has moments-of- truth worth measuring.

fin services VOC

 Only about 30% of Financial Services customers are promoters, meaning at any given time 60% of any customer base is at risk. There is a direct correlation between the positive experiences customers have in other sectors and their expectations of a bank.

NEDBANK-e1496648929165"Thanks to Smoke CI's solution we have VOC insights available throughout the day, changing our approach in realtime. There solution has helped us change our approach towards our customer's experiences ‘

Quality Solutions Manager

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