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B2B relationships are built on numerous interactions each day. Different expectations are created across multiple relationships and different interactions occur. A holistic view is needed to truly understand the experience of the business customer overall.

Customer lifetime value through CX

Your customers interact and transact through your contact centre every day. This operation has the single biggest impact on customer experience in your business, and understanding feedback has a tactical and strategic impact.

We offer a ready-to-go VoC measurement toolkit suited to the complexities of any B2B environment seeking to measure performance, process, and overall customer experience through the Voice of the Customer.

  • Transactional surveys for everyday users
  • Bi-annual C-suite satisfaction interviews
  • An escalation process configured to your organisation hierarchy
  • Reports for every level of your organisation
  • Deep dive reporting on key decision-maker feedback
  • Actionable recommendations
Contact Centre

Everything you need for your B2B Experience surveys


Your customers interact with you in numerous ways, with each buyer persona requiring different inputs for satisfaction.

You need to understand multiple experiences, across numerous channels, in one place for a central view of your customer feedback - and your business.


B2B relationships are complex thanks to multiple individuals interacting to create an overall experience.

Understanding strategic and transactional satisfaction requires different feedback methods, aligned to both service expectations and delivery.


Recovering from service failures is perhaps the best opportunity to create customer delight.

Getting notified of low scoring surveys - in real-time - means you can reach at-risk customers in the moment and gather data on the root causes of dissatisfaction.


Customer feedback data helps you improve every aspect of your service delivery.

Our experts help you understand the drivers of satisfaction within your complex B2B buyer profiles. Flexible system reporting puts real-time insights at your fingertips.

B2B Customer Experience

The black sheep no more. B2B Customer Experience finding its place

In large, complex B2B organisations, there is a definite need to formalise the understanding of customer feedback. The adoption of both structured customer departments, CX strategy and technology-driven mechanisms to gather feedback from customers is ever increasing.

Ideally, B2B organisations should adopt a 3-pronged approach – measuring satisfaction on a transactional level, understanding the customer on a relational level, and measuring employee experience. For those just beginning to understand their B2B relationships, periodic relational feedback from key buyer persona's is a good starting point.