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Post Call IVR Surveys

When your company relies on customer service, how do you ensure that the service delivered consistently meets corporate standards and drives high customer satisfaction? IVR surveys, PBX surveys, post call IVR surveys, whatever you choose to call them, if your company has a support call centre or a large customer service interface, you can use post call IVR surveys such as Eyerys to ensure that the service delivered by your representatives consistently meets corporate standards and drives high customer satisfaction.

An ideal solution for monitoring the support experience is to introduce a post call IVR survey to collect customer feedback. A post call IVR survey is a pre-recorded automated survey in which the customer responds to questions either by voice or by typing numerical responses using the Post Call IVR Survey Feedback.

Immediate action on poor service

All surveys rated for poor service are immediately escalated once customer feedback is received, allowing your team to provide service recovery within just a few minutes of a poor interaction. This ensures that unhappy customers are addressed before they can do any damage to your brand by changing providers or creating negative word of mouth publicity.

Eyerys automatically tracks service levels on all post call IVR surveys so that you can identify agents or teams that are continuously delivering below average customer experiences. The inclusion of customer demographics into the Eyerys reporting allows you to trend agent interaction with certain sectors of your customer base. This helps to identify whether a certain agent may be better at dealing with certain customer groups.

Eyerys identifies training gaps and provides guidance for focused customer experience training. There is no longer a need for “blanket training” for all your call centre agents. By asking relevant questions in the post call IVR survey you can pinpoint skills gaps in certain agents and focus specific training programmes on those specific agents, therefore reducing the cost and increasing the effectiveness of your customer experience training programmes substantially.

Post call IVR surveys are leveraged differently across different industries. With the growing popularity of advanced telephony systems, more companies are finding it indispensable to deploy PBX systems for this reason. A wide variety of telephony systems are available, and by facilitating your organisation’s post call IVR surveys with a dedicated PBX system, you can make a difference in your customer experience delivery, internal efficiency and bottom line drivers.

This is why Smoke Customer Intelligence has ensured that our market-leading customer feedback tool, Eyerys, supports almost all telephony systems for post call IVR surveys. Eyerys supports PBX systems such as Avaya, Siemens Hi-Path, Cisco, Presence, Aspect, Mitel, Samsung, Alcatel and Asterisk, to name a few. Typical deployments are digital and IP based PBXs, which we ensure are perfectly matched to Eyerys’ post call IVR survey function. Only an integrated telephony system is capable of simplifying the business processes and operation.

More businesses are employing this advanced communication technology to operate their businesses efficiently. A post call IVR survey is a powerful channel to gather quantitative feedback in a cost-efficient manner. Being able to listen to the voice of the customer through post call IVR surveys is a critical step in gathering knowledge about customer experience and for managing these experiences for positive outcomes. It saves your workforce plenty of time, enabling them to improve their work efficiency. Meanwhile, it cuts down your communication costs drastically.