Smoke Services Customer Experience Experts

Closed Loop Voice of the Customer Feedback

Understand the true impact of your surveys. Eyerys technology provides detailed analysis functionality for improved Customer Service and closed loop voice of the customer feedback.

Eyerys Reporting


Eyerys provides in-depth analysis of all your surveys and questions. Get full breakdown of industry specific scores such as NPS and CES while also getting quick views to text analytics, distribution and completion statistics. Schedule reports to be distributed to managers and team leaders or include your team members with emailed performance updates comparing their performance to that of their teams. Eyerys also provides your teams with their own dashboards giving them only access to the metrics required to improve their performance.

Eyerys Dashboard


Eyerys provides an easy to use and flexible dashboard allowing anyone to customise the data that they see if the format that they would like to see it in. Eyerys also provides a full screen mode to allow companies to project large screen dashboards in call centres and work areas that make the best use of the screen real estate.