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Advertising is an art and a science, and the impact of getting it wrong can be disastrous.

Ad testing is a great way to figure out how well your latest  ad resonates with your target audience, helping to create better consumer conversion rates and ROI on spend.

Through evaluation of various creative material sources including video, image or storyboards (snapshots from a video), ad testing helps you predict how your audience will respond





Developing a new logo or creating a new type of product or packaging is a project that requires great investment, and risk.

Making sure that your customers understand and enjoy your new concept is an important part of the process.

Concept testing is aimed at evaluating consumers’ perception of the visual representation of a logo, packaging or product concept as an embodiment of the brand’s unique personality. Testing is aimed at understanding the differences in appeal of a single or multiple permutations of a concept.




Your brand competes for market share every day - do you know where you stand in the customers mind?

Brand health studies provide a measurement of brand equity in the market and identifies brand positioning relative to competitors.

Such research provides guidance in developing focused marketing strategies which strengthen the relationship between the consumers and the brand.





Corporate citizenry is as important as brand equity. Corporate identity in the market is affected by social forces and how an organisation responds to them.

The role of business in society is not only concerned with profit making but also its approach to stakeholders and communities across a myriad of factors ranging from sustainability practices to innovation.

Gaining a broader understanding of the perceptions of stakeholders helps not only with brand positioning, but organisational longevity, investment and competitive advantage .




Your brand and company is unique, which means from time to time you will have unique questions to answer.

From certain demographic, compare opinions of different LSM groups or conducting topic specific research - getting a deeper understanding of your customers will help you make bold brand decisions.

Our experienced teams will work with you to plan and execute market research to meet your objectives.


  • our team has 30 years combined research experience;
  • our technology is suited to multimedia and in-depth surveys;
  • we deploy quickly and your data is available in real time; 
  • our insight team uses relevant industry knowledge when interpreting results;
  • our solutions are cost effective, saving as much as 15% on alternative services;
  • we are able to combine research insights with your VOC programme


Market research unlocks customer insight


To research or not research, that is the question

Brand owners need to understand what makes their buyers tick – on a functional and inspirational level, and aim to align all marketing activities to such an understanding.

The challenge lies in understanding buyers before embarking on a costly marketing campaign, brand or product launch so that the likelihood of success is increased. The answer to this challenge is market research.


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