Smoke Services Customer Experience Experts

How We Deploy Our Technology

Companies and their needs change. Because of this we are able to offer our customer care solutions as either fully cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) or On Premises.

Therefore, your customer survey solution can grow from being a small service, gathering feedback from a very specific customer base in your organisation, to a fully automated survey solution gathering millions of survey responses per month – all with no service interruption or downtime.

Smoke Product Multi Channel Feedback

Cloud – SaaS

There’s no doubt about it – software as a service has emerged as the new, leading standard for enterprise software deployments. Smoke Customer Intelligence provides a seamless cloud based solution for our users. Our Eyerys Cloud architecture gives you the ability to scale, from serving single survey users in a small business, to providing multi-faceted business rule driven functionality to thousands of concurrent users in global organisations.

Businesses choose the Eyerys Cloud architecture for the following reasons:
  • Fully managed – You look after your business and we’ll look after your Customer Experience Management platform. The Eyerys Cloud platform fully is managed, maintained and supported by Smoke Customer Intelligence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you don’t incur additional IT overheads and costs.
  • Access anywhere, anytime – Accessing your solution in our Cloud is possible from anywhere in the world. If you’re connected to the internet… then you’re connected to your business intelligence.
  • Fully secure – Powerful business intelligence gives your business the edge but needs to be protected. All customers on the Eyerys Cloud platform are logically separated from a file and database level. All our Eyerys instances come pre-setup with SSL 256bit digital certificates to insure that all your data is encrypted before travelling over the internet.
  • Reduced Total Cost – With reduced server hardware, software and support requirements comes massive savings.
  • Deployment speed – The Eyerys Cloud platform is built to deploy Eyerys instances in a flash. Why wait for your organisations IT team to build, document, deploy and manage the Eyerys system internally when you can have your solution now?
  • Reduced complexity – Let Smoke Customer Intelligence take the burden off your shoulders. With reduced impact on our IT infrastructure comes reduced complexity and the possibility for issues to crop up.
  • Increased Stability and Uptime – The Eyerys Cloud platform is built on rock solid software and hardware. Our cloud allows us to migrate clients off degraded parts of the cloud, ensuring the continual flow of business intelligence to your hands.

On Premise

Not ready for the cloud just yet? No problem – our Eyerys solution allows for full on premise installation or hybrid solutions that allow you to customise which parts of the system are installed on premise. We can either install on a stand-alone server or virtual server in your IT environment therefore benefiting from your current IT policies, security, support and processes.