How To Navigate an Inconsistent Vision: A Guide for Employees

Building blocks with the words VISION MISSING AND GOAL written on them.


Imagine sailing on a ship where the captain's navigation seems to be all over the map. Inconsistent execution of the organizational vision by managers can create confusion and frustration among employees. In this article, we'll dive into the challenges employees face when their managers veer off course and explore practical strategies for navigating this issue. Through relatable anecdotes, we'll discover how employees can stay focused and thrive despite the inconsistencies.

The Confusing Crossroads:
You're passionate about the vision and mission of the organization you work for. It's what attracted you to the job in the first place. However, there are moments when your manager's actions don't seem to align with that vision. It's like driving down a winding road with no clear direction, making you question your path forward.

Finding Your North Star:
In situations like these, it's important to ground yourself in your own understanding of the organizational vision. Reflect on what initially sparked your enthusiasm and commitment. Reconnect with the values that resonate with you and keep them at the forefront of your work. By staying true to your own compass, you can maintain a sense of purpose even when the manager's actions create uncertainty.

Seeking Support on the Journey:
Navigating the maze becomes less daunting when you have allies by your side. Seek out mentors, trusted colleagues, or even peers in different departments who share your passion for the organization's vision. Share your concerns and seek their advice on how to navigate the inconsistencies while staying aligned with the bigger picture. Their support and guidance can provide invaluable perspective and insights.

Crafting Constructive Conversations:
When confronted with discrepancies between the organizational vision and your manager's actions, it's important to communicate your observations effectively. Choose a suitable time to engage in a respectful and constructive dialogue with your manager. Express your concerns and seek clarity on their perspective. By fostering open communication, you can gain a better understanding of their decisions and potentially influence positive change.

Leading by Example:
While you may not have the power to change your manager's actions directly, you can still make a difference within your own sphere of influence. Demonstrate your commitment to the organization's vision through your work, attitude, and interactions with colleagues. By modeling the values and behaviors you believe in, you can inspire others and create a ripple effect that contributes to a more aligned and purpose-driven workplace.

Building Alliances:
Strength comes from unity. Seek out like-minded colleagues who share your dedication to the organizational vision. Collaborate on projects, share ideas, and support one another in championing the values that matter most to you. Together, you can create a network of allies that amplifies your collective voice and influences positive change.

Embracing Adaptability:
In a world of constant change, it's important to remain adaptable. Understand that the organizational vision can evolve over time as the company grows and responds to market dynamics. Embrace flexibility and be open to new ideas that may reshape your understanding of the vision. By adapting and evolving alongside the organization, you can contribute to its ongoing success.

Navigating through the challenges of inconsistent execution of the organizational vision by managers requires resilience and a sense of purpose. By grounding yourself in your own understanding of the vision, seeking support from mentors and colleagues, fostering constructive conversations, leading by example, building alliances, and embracing adaptability, you can chart your course with confidence. Remember, you have the power to influence positive change within your sphere of influence, and together with others, you can shape a more aligned and purpose-driven workplace.

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