How listening to your members improves their experience & retention


The Medical scheme industry has become exceptionally competitive, adding even more challenges to your plate. From streamlining the claims process, managing costs, communication to members, member retention, attracting new members, to increasing member lifetime value and improving member experience.

From a customer perspective, product and price aren’t the only areas members look at any more. In a recent survey, the best performing medical scheme was rated tops not because of product, features or price, but because of improved member experience.

So, how do you improve your member experience to get the competitive advantage? How do you pinpoint exactly where your members are struggling and know what to fix?

Three steps to exceptional member experience

In this competitive arena, the only way to retain and grow your member base will come down to how able you are to offer outstanding member experience across all touch points.

These are the three easy, but effective, steps you need to follow:

1. Invest in understanding the member experience
Do you know which areas of your business delight your members? And which areas frustrate them? What do they think of your claims process?
It’s easy to find out, ask them! A real-time Voice of Customer approach gives you daily feedback on what your members are saying. If you ask them after each interaction, you can start building on areas that your members are happy with and fix the ones that they aren’t. Partner with experts who can help you learn how and where to improve member experience and fix the pain points.

Implementing a member feedback strategy, by sending a short survey after each interaction, will help you retain existing members, and attract new members.

2. Identify and map the member journey
Map out your entire member journey. Plot out each interaction your member has, include your registration process, claims process, contact centre, right down to your third-party service provides. Doing this will help you identity moments of truth and member expectations at each point, and where are you falling flat.
Ask members what they want from you. Don’t assume to create the ultimate journey until you have a clear map of what your members are looking for.

3. Close the loop
It isn’t enough to just gather data, you need to respond and react to your members’ feedback. The best way to do this is by having the best, real-time tools to help you manage and track member feedback and resolutions. The ultimate tool will give you the right insight that will accurately help you see where you can leverage opportunities to help you improve member experience that has an impact on member loyalty and helps attract new members.

These three steps will help you drive member experience as a competitive differentiator,

We help medical aids gather and assess member experience, and we can help you implement, analyse and drive member experience in your fund. The real-time insight you gain will give you the power to improve member satisfaction that will have an impact on member lifetime value, which will increase wallet share of existing members and improve member satisfaction.

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