Winter is Here – Customer Experience lessons from Game of Thrones

There is no doubt that George RR Martin and HBO have created a phenomenon. Never has a television series final season been so hotly debated, theorised or anticipated. Game of Thrones (GoT) season 8 debuts on the 14th April, and is sure to be full of plot twists, unexpected deaths and victories, sweeping filmography, and of course untold scheming. While … Read More

Customer satisfaction through the right questions

Metricising Customer Experience

Metricising customer service for successful CX   The world of customer retention and loyalty is a challenging, nuanced placed. Jargon and abbreviations litter the arena creating confusion as to what an organisation is actually seeking to achieve when embarking on a customer satisfaction or experience strategy. Words like Customer Service and Customer Experience are used interchangeably to describe any action … Read More

South African Insurance Company? 3 Things You Need to do to Acquire and Retain Millennial Customers

Millennials are fast becoming the largest market demographic in the economy, outstripping previous generations not only in size but in spending power. Companies in all industries from retail to insurance are now scrambling to understand and cater to this significantly different consumer. Millennials not only have the ability to almost instantly search for, compare and find peer reviews on potential … Read More