10 Lessons from a Decade of Smoke CI


The year was 2009, Barack Obama is inaugurated, Serena Williams wins her 10th Grand Slam, Slumdog Millionaire wins the Best Picture Oscar, Usain Bolt wins his first 100m dash in under 10 seconds and Smoke Customer Intelligence is born.

Over the last decade we have grown into a leading Customer Experience software business, helping premium brands listen to their customers.

From our early days we have held true to our ethos of great tech supported by great people, and while we are looking to the next ten years, we sat down with our CEO to reflect on lessons and insights into 10 years in the business.


Never stop Deving - watch now

Reliablility - watch now

SA to the world-1


Grit - watch now


Hone your craft


Bold watch now

The opportuniy of insight 2

timing watch now


Customer at the center 2