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Customer Experience Management Analytics

A good survey is one that adds value. Accurately measure your survey results with Eyerys technology to better your business.


Survey Actions

Take action after a survey completes with Eyerys’s post survey actions. Notify team members or managers about responses that customers have provided via SMS, Email or Mobile Instant Message. Trigger additional surveys to take place days from now based on responses or simply escalate concerning feedback to service recovery team members. Eyerys also provides for easy integration into other systems whereby Eyerys can push the survey response information into external systems as they survey completes in real time to take action or record data for later reference.

Eyerys Dashboard


Eyerys provides an easy to use and flexible dashboard allowing anyone to customise the data that they see if the format that they would like to see it in. Eyerys also provides a full screen mode to allow companies to project large screen dashboards in call centres and work areas that make the best use of the screen real estate.


Text Analytics

Word clouds allows you to create visual representations of the keywords being pulled through your surveys. Adjust the amount of keywords to scale the impact of higher or lower ranked words and customise the layout for downloading into presentations and documents.


Data Export

Exporting data from Eyerys into other applications or documents is made easy with our simple file exporter. Selecting file formats and what data to export keeps your exports on point and makes them easy to manipulate. Third party applications can also automatically export data via web services API integration – allowing for powerful combinations of applications, dashboards and external reporting systems.