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Measure and manage employee perspectives on key elements of your business

Employees are your most important customers. They provide crucial insights into business and process improvements, as well as the overall customer experience.

From regular relationship studies to gauge employee health to real-time transaction-based feedback, employee experience requires a multi-faceted approach in order to help you understand and manage the employee experience.

  • Feedback across the employee journey
  • Bi-annual engagement benchmark studies
  • Ongoing engagement pulse surveys
  • Omni-channel surveys to suit your employee preference
  • Immediate notification of employee dissatisfaction
  • Relevant reports for every level of your organisation
  • Peer-to-peer recognition programme
  • Churn prediction and employee satisfaction mapping
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Touchpoint surveys
Making sense of the words people use

Relational vs Transaction feedback

Sentiment analysis allows you to understand verbatim feedback at scale, and turn this information into actions within your business.

Feedback surveys are the ideal mechanism to collect feedback data. However, relying solely on data gathered through quantitative questions creates the risk of bias. This form of feedback creates the assumption that what you ask is relevant to what the customer wants to give you feedback on and that you have addressed all potential areas of insight.

The addition of free-form (verbatim) questions is, therefore, essential. While simple enough, verbatim questions gather feedback that requires many man-hours to identify themes and tone from which you are able to gather deeper insight into your customer’s emotional satisfaction with your service delivery.

Everything you need for your Employee Engagement Programme


Deliver surveys in the way your employees prefer them and get great response rates.

Understand multiple experiences across voice, email, social, and digital channels in one place for a central view of your employee feedback - and your business.


Ensure employees feel valued by giving them a voice (VoE) and the opportunity to be listened to.

Regular employee feedback in the form of in-depth and pulse surveys ensures that you measure EX metrics at every stage of the employee lifecycle.


Workflow functionality allows you to manage and recover from low scores seamlessly, from one system.

Getting notified of low scoring surveys, in real-time, means you can reach your employees in the moment and gather data on the root causes of dissatisfaction.


Employee feedback data helps you improve every aspect of your service delivery.

Flexible reporting gives actionable insights into the performance of your people and processes. Our open API means you can use your data in a way that suits you.

Understanding CX across your customer journey

As Africa’s biggest lender by assets, our client holds the ambition of the leading financial service provider in Africa. From a customer experience perspective, the organisation had implemented a variety of solutions over the years, with varying levels of success.

Through the implementation of the Smoke Customer Intelligence VoC solution within the contact centre and branch network, the bank was able to obtain real-time feedback on service experiences from almost 100 000 clients monthly.